Removal Services: Home, Business & Site Cleanup

ACAC removal services clears property of unwanted items and materials and structures.

property maintenance truck

Austin Cleanup provides removal services for residential and commercial property improvement.  ACAC  pick up, trash-out, clean-out, haul, bag, trim, deconstruct, remove, cut-down, take down, jackhammer, clear, strip out, demolish… finishing with rake, sweep & recycle.

Austin Cleanup and Container does property improvement by preparing and cleaning up afterwards… we don’t do windows (or vacuuming, dusting).

Property Cleanup; pickup, removal & hauling: Pro-rated based on $300- for a full truck & labor
  • Yard & Lot Cleanup: brush, leaves, trees, debris, trash & junk…
  • Home Cleanup (Garage, Basement & Attic): furniture, clothing, appliances, debris…
  • Property Cleanup: items and debris left behind
  • Construction Cleanup: lumber, drywall, tile, carpet, windows, doors, shingles…
Container (dumpster) rental:
  • 20 cubic yard for $300 – (all inclusive up to 3 tons)
  • 15 cubic yard for $275 – (all inclusive up to 3 tons)
These containers are carried on a cab-over truck with a roll-off hook system. The dumpster can placed in tight spaces, even if that space is down an alley or up a winding roads. The containers fit into a parking space (14’ x 8’ x 5.5’). So, they can be placed off the street, on the driveway without blocking vehicle access to the garage. When used at new construction sites, they can be placed almost anywhere on the site and flipped on demand.  These containers are perfect as the first step in preparing an area for improvement or last step in property maintenance cleanup.
Light, Interior and Structural Demolition: By Estimate
  • Light Demolition: swing sets, hot tubs, trampolines.. and larger projects like sun rooms, decks, patios, walks, driveways
  • Interior Demolition: drywall, non-load bearing walls, cabinets, flooring (can preserve: hardware, fixtures, windows, doors) 
  • Demolition of Structures: sheds, houses, pools, warehouses
Austin Cleanup and Container hauls all materials, except hazardous wastes – most commonly: paints and lacquers, solvents, tires, oil, and gas.  The site will be left smoothed and raked.  
Call or schedule online (click of “shedule” button at top of page)
Often there is flexibility within the schedule, so if you book online and have a particular scheduling imperative, please give a call to see if we can’t accommodate.
Quotes are free
Austin Cleanup and Container can often give you a estimation over the phone. In any event, ACAC will give a firm quote before beginning work.
If your property cleanup project is large or complex we will send out a representative immediately for an on-site quote. You will have a solid bid in hand, and can make a decision to proceed long before there is a truck and crew sitting in your driveway.
Austin Cleanup is a committed, eco-friendly recycling company. We make every effort to responsibly recycle, re-purpose and donate.


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