Austin Cleanup & Container provides residential/commercial demolition & deconstruction – dumpster rentals – cleanups services

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Demolition & Deconstruction: Light, Interior and Structural: By Estimate
  • Light Demolition: swing sets, hot tubs, trampolines.. and larger projects like sun rooms, decks, patios, walks, driveways
  • Interior Demolition: drywall, non-load bearing walls, cabinets, flooring (can preserve: hardware, fixtures, windows, doors) 
  • Demolition of Structures: sheds, houses, warehouses
    Austin Cleanup
Austin Cleanup and Container handles permitting and capping of utility services.   
The site is left clean and swept/raked.. ready for hand-off.   
Container (dumpster) rental: (Anderson Mill Area, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Round Rock Texas)
  • 20 cubic yard for $325 plus tax – (all inclusive up to 3 tons)
  • 15 cubic yard for $300 plus tax – (all inclusive up to 3 tons)
ACAC hauls all materials, except concrete, soil, gravel, brick (dense materials) and hazardous wastes – most commonly: paints and lacquers, solvents, tires, oil, biologic and gasoline products.  
These containers are carried on a cab-over truck with a roll-off hook system. The dumpster can placed in tight spaces, even if that space is down an alley or up a winding roads. The containers fit into a parking space (14’ x 8’ x 5.5’). So, they can be placed off the street, on the driveway without blocking vehicle access to the garage. When used at new construction sites, they can be placed almost anywhere on the site and flipped on demand.  These containers are perfect as the first step in preparing an area for improvement or last step in property maintenance cleanup.
How do we get started
Please give us a call, 
We will coordinate an immediate site visit,  
We will issue a written estimate..&
If acceptable we’ll coordinate schedules 
You will receive daily updates and photo documentation  
The finished product will be clean & ready for your final inspection. 
Fully Insured/Uniformed Staff

Austin Cleanup is a committed, eco-friendly recycling company.

We make every effort to responsibly recycle, re-purpose and donate.

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