Austin Clean-Up

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Residential and Commercial Property Cleanup

 Pick up, Move, Trash-out, Haul, Bag, Trim, Deconstruct, Remove, Cut-Down,  Jackhammer, Clear, Demolish…

….and, of course, Rake, Sweep & Recycle

Item Removal: Starting at $45-(furniture, mattresses and appliances )
Materials Removal: Pro-rated based on $300- for a full truck & labor
(construction materials, property trash-outs, branches & brush)
Container Rental (20 cu. yd. roll off ): $300- (inc. up to 3 tons)
                                  (15 cu. yd. roll off ): $250-(inc. up to 3 tons)
 Demolition: by Estimate


Small Jobs, done in minutes: Pick-up, Removal and Hauling
Appliances: Refrigerators, Freezers,Washers, Dryers, Water Heaters
Furniture: Mattresses, Desks, Couches, Bookshelves
Electronics, Televisions
Books, Clothing
Bigger Jobs, done in hours: Pick-up, Removal and Hauling
Yard Debris such as: Brush, Leaves, Trees; Trash & Junk
Home Cleanups: Garage, Basement & Attic “Spring Cleanings”
Construction & Project Waste: Bricks, Concrete, Tile, Dirt,
Gravel, Rock, Sand,Wood, Drywall, Flooring
Small Projects, done in a day: Deconstructing, Loading, and Hauling
Site clean-ups: Trash-outs, Clean-outs
Small Structures: Decks,Swing Sets, Hot Tubs
Large Projects, done over multiple days: Demolition, Loading, Hauling
Fencing and Retaining Walls
Remodeling Preparation: Drywall, Cabinets, Flooring, Insulation
Structure and Slab Demolition: Sheds, Houses, Pools, Warehouses
Lot Clearing

We will haul all materials, except hazardous wastes – most commonly: paints and lacquers, solvents, tires, oil, and gas.



Call or schedule online to reserve your appointment. Often there is flexibility within the schedule, so if you book online and have a particular scheduling imperative, please give a call to see if we can’t accommodate.

Most often, on smaller projects we can give you approximate cost expectation over the phone. We will give a firm quote before beginning work.

If your project is large or complex we will send out a representative immediately for an on-site quote. In that fashion, you have a solid bid in hand, and can make a decision to proceed long before there is a truck and crew sitting in your driveway.

Quotes are free.

Austin Cleanup endeavors to be the company you call for whatever size cleanup project presents itself. We will match the manpower to the job to be the most efficient, expeditious and cost-effective clean-up service.

We use an enclosed trailer to haul household items and handle smaller jobs… use our 20 yard roll-off containers when the job is bigger. We won’t send a diesel truck and a crew if a man with a pickup truck and trailer is a better fit and vice versa. That’s how we keep our prices low.

We rent and use 15 and 20 yard containers. These containers can be carried on a cab-over truck with a roll-off hook system, which means we can fit in tight driveways, down alleys or up winding roads. The containers fit into a parking space (14’ x 8’ x 5.5’). So, they can be placed off the street, on the driveway without blocking vehicle access to the garage. When used at new construction  sites, they can be placed almost anywhere on the site and flipped as often as necessary. For the remodeler, the container can be placed in the driveway (or on the side of the house if there is no utility or irrigation interference). The resident usually appreciates the proximity of the container to the garage.

Austin Cleanup is Green- Austin Cleanup is a committed, eco-friendly recycling company. We make every effort to responsibly recycle or donate the items we take away.