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Contacts for Austin Cleanup and Container

Please feel free to contact us directly.  We are local and handle our own phones, we work closely with our customers, and the online schedule can not flexibility.  So often, we may have ability to meet a time/date need that may not be evident online.

Phone: 512.673.8184


Physical Location: 12400 Anderson Mill Rd, Unit H, Austin, Texas 78726

Mail: PO Box 170308, Austin, Texas 78717

Austin Cleanup office and warehouse is near the corner of 620 and Anderson Mill Road.

Austin Cleanup and Container was established in 2011, as Rubbish Works of Austin.  It bought out its franchise contract and became Austin Cleanup and Container (dba).  It is organized under the name SCV Works LLC.  It is Austin owned/family owned.

It does not sub-contract and uses its own employees.

The purpose of the business is to give owners, property managers and contractors a quick solution for various larger cleanup problems.  We rent and work out of 15 and 20 cubic yard containers.  Our vehicles are exceptionally manueverable – they are cab-over Isuzu NRR’s.  This means that we are most efficient handling cleanouts & trashouts, house (and smaller) demolitions, and interior demolitions.  We will do the work, or provide the container for the work.  

We handle single item removal, most often in conjunction with a long term relationship.

We solve cleanup problems.  We listen, then give you some sense of what we can do and the approximate cost.  If we need to take a look, we will schedule an onsite visit and give a free estimate.  If another company is better suited for the job, we will gladly give you the reference.  We want every contact to be positive and our work the best.

Most Importantly, the sun rises and sunsets at the warehouse are beautiful… Security is handled by Bailey.

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