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Reviews are directly from customers – all “organic” & “unsolicited” & no “friends and family”.

It difficult trying to find referrals that can be trusted… A referral would be great, but nobody is going to call neighbors … just google and read the company’s online references. Of course, which online references is that many are manufactured?

Austin Cleanup and Container takes customer reviews seriously. We do not “game” them… write them for others to sign. We do not solicit, or request, or beg our customers for good reviews. It is not that we do not cherish that sort of feedback. We celebrate it when someone takes the time to write something nice about us. We know it is absolutely organic… genuine… heartfelt.

The links to Hometown & HomeAdvisor are only because we are listed in their directories. We are also in Angie’s List, but have been far less active in that directory. We help start a company doing business as “Get it Gone”… which was a item removal service that relies heavily on Yelp. Our core competencies have moved us a bit away from Yelp. There are no doubt other reviews of our work online, and we will provide links as we become aware of them. Nonetheless, the links above provide you dynamic non-controlled reviews.

We feel that another good source of feedback is repeat repeat business and referral business. We have been very blessed to be working for many good people. In fact, most of our business comes from repeat business… customers that have been with us for years. That sort of relationship affords us the ability to take a personal interest in meeting their needs – we would like to have the same relationship with you.