When the demolition of structures & foundations, including pools is needed and the debris handled appropriately

Demolition Services include:

  • Light Demolition, such as: Sheds, Fencing, Decks, Patios, Out-Buildings

  • Concrete, such as: Sidewalks, Driveways, Slabs and Foundations

  • Home & Residences, such as: Interior and Exterior preparation for remodelers, entire tear-downs including foundations, mobile homes

  • Walls, Ceilings & Floors, such as: drywall, tiles, linoleum, fixtures, cabinetry, and other normal interior building materials.
  • Pools, both above and in-ground

  • Warehouses, up to 30 foot in height (reach of a common excavator)

These projects will be bid. All estimates/bids will be in writing.

We carry insurance specific to demolition, as well as workers comp. We will provide the certifications and W9 to owners/contractors upon award. We are certified to transport waste materials.

We know that price and schedule are important antecedents to a successful project. We are sensitive to the need of having a construction ready work site, and we will meet schedule. Most demolitions do not need permits. However, for residences bear in mind that time to start may include that required for permitting and TDH notification. We will subcontract any UST or other potentially environmentally sensitive extractions.

We will handle the permitting process, as requested. Please keep in mind the need for time to gain permits when scheduling the demolition of homes. The process could take as little as a couple weeks – or could take as much as couple months. This is entirely dependent on the City’s workload. We know the people and departments, hand deliver documents, gain the right signatures… and will make sure we don’t lose our place “in line”. Nonetheless, it is the one part of the schedule we can’t control. We will schedule our work as quickly as we can after permits are gained.

Nearly all projects take a week, or less. Complete interior demolitions, where we are stripping to the frames and dealing with asbestos abatement can take as much as two weeks.

Warehouse Demolition …

demolition warehouse