Container/Dumpster Rental

Residential dumpster rentals for garage, house, yard, project cleanups.  Commercial dumpster rentals for construction waste, site, lot or warehouse cleanups. 

roll off container (dumpster) placed on driveway under tree

Roll Off Container – Dumpster Rental Prices

Residential & Commercial

20 cubic yard:

Single Container -dumpster rental: $300 (three days/three tons) plus taxes

15 cubic yard:

Single Container – dumpster: $275 (three days/three tons) plus taxes

Weekly rates available

Tons in excess of 3 in the roll off container – dumpster rental will be charged at $60/ton. Normal construction waste and household waste will not come close to hitting the 3 tons. If you are disposing of concrete, dirt or tile you will exceed 3 tons if you fill the container. Let us know. There may cheaper solutions if these materials are not mixed with other disposables.

No paints or other hazardous materials. We will take tires if you put them on top ($10/tire surcharge) and refrigerators, for no extra charge, if you put them in the very back of the container (next to the door).

Consider talking to us directly for larger jobs solutions. We might be able to save you some money if we can do the loading.

dumpster rental_opened007Container Dimensions

Our 20 cubic yard containers (dumpsters) have a 14 ft long by 8 feet wide. The height of the 20’s is 6 feet and the 15’s is 4.5 feet.  They occupy a single normal car parking space. Their floor sits up 8 inches (about the size of a normal step) & have a rear opening door for easy loading. A piece of plywood for a ramp makes it easy for loading by wheelbarrow.

We specialize in dropping containers in tight spaces at very competitive rates… under trees, under eaves, hugging walls, in a single parking space, in alleys downtown and ondriveways in the hills. 


Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

We will take a look at what you’ve disposed. If there is anything that can be donated we will make sure that Goodwill or Salvation Army gets that item. If you have thrown away organics, we will get that turned into mulch. If you’ve thrown away tile, concrete or dirt we will get that reused. Metal will be harvested.

We are often able to find a non-landfill disposal for 50% of the contents of a roll off container (dumpster).

To the extent that it is possible – segregate the appliances, furniture, tile, concrete, dirt and branches.

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