Interior Demolition

Interior demolition in preparation of buildings for remodeling such as removal of drywall, insulation, interior elements, flooring, fixtures & appliances

Interior Demolition 4

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Interior demolition is taking down interior walls, fixtures, drywall, ceilings, counters and cabinets; taking up floors; taking out windows, tubs and showers; taking out insulation; and preparing surfaces for remodeling.

When a project is complete all the insulation is out, nails and screws are removed, floors can be taken down to the sub-floor or concrete. If blown-in insulation has been used the joists and supporting structure will be blown down to the roof. All insulation will be bagged and hauled.

When a project involves asbestos it will be removed in accordance with approved practices and disposed appropriately. Testing will be completed before starting the project and project completion can be made contingent upon testing.

Consider using ACAC for this preparatory work. We are thorough and finish on schedule. You subcontractors will not have to wait nor redo demolition work. They can leverage their skills immediately.


Pricing is extremely project specific. We can promptly give you a bid without charge. Helpful would be any plans/schematics available. Most interior demolition does not require attention to shutting off utilities or other such requisites to demolition, but give quick consideration to any electric, gas, water, security, hvac potential issues.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycling

Unfortunately, there is little construction materials that can be recycled or reused in an interior demolition. Floor tile, metal fixtures, wiring and appliances can be recycled, but not so insulation, used studs, drywall, or glued flooring. ACAC attempts to divert as much from the landfill as possible, but at most 20% can be diverted.