Cleanup services are provided for homeowners, property managers and builders that need property to be cleared of waste & unwanted materials.

junk, waste, debris cleanup

Our focus is on leaving your property in the condition you desire: interior and/or exterior space clean, swept and ready for reuse.

Property Owners

Clean up garages & residences – yards and lots

Austin Cleanup provides heavy cleanup services… a garage, house or yard cleanouts.

Our trucks are registered with the City of Austin for hauling, our employees are in uniform, our business is fully insured, … and we boast very high reviews all from Travis & Williamson county residents. We are not a franchise.

Our business involves helping professional organizers in removing client’s unwanted items.  We work with residents and businesses that are relocating and need to remove/donate furniture that will not be relocating to the new address.

Austin Cleanup will take down trees, take out brush, perform rough land-sculpting and chipping. We will pickup organics and take off branches.  Austin Cleanup is not a landscaping company.  We make-ready and/or recover past landscaping.

Property Managers

Clean up a property for a leasor pursuant to requirement – or – cleanup in preparation for re-sale or new-rent.

Apartment and Property Managers use Austin Cleanup to remove items and handle trash-outs or clean-outs after renters have moved out.

ACAC will remove carpet, window treatments, appliances, cabinets and fixtures. We will deconstruct office pods and take down whiteboards.

Construction Sites

Clean up a construction site or remodeling project of waste materials

We will cleanup the construction materials on an active work site or construction materials abandoned or the remains of an ancient project.


Prices are predicated on the following schedule.

  • $175 for 10 cubic yards (1/2 truck)
  • $300 for 15 cubic yard (3/4 truck)
  • $325 for 20 cubic yards (full truck)
  • $30/man-hour

Amount to be removed? In general, if you stacked the materials you want removed would it be as big as a compact car? Our 20 cubic yard container is about 2 compact cars.

For larger projects, we will send a person to provide a bid before we send a truck. Do not hesitate to request an on-site bid… It works better for us, also. In this way you can compare prices without two workers standing anxiously in your driveway.

Save: Materials which are gathered and accessible (in a garage, for instance) will take 1 man-hour to fill the container…or $355 in total.

Your phone call is always welcome.


Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Usually a large degree, about 60% of that which we collect can be recycled or re-used. Books, furniture, toys, working appliances, and clothes can find new homes. Organics, like leaves, brush and tree limbs can be mulched. The metal broken file cabinets and old shelving can be recycled.