Junk Removal Austin

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  •  As inexpensive as $45 (through Get it Gone)
  • $125 for 5 cubic yards (1/4 truck)
  • $175 for 10 cubic yards (1/2 truck)
  • $225 for 15 cubic yard (3/4 truck)
  • $300 for 20 cubic yards (full truck)
  • $25/man-hour – 1st hour free. 

It is often hard to know how much junk you have. This may not help, but if you stacked the junk you want removed would it be as big as a compact car? – that would be ½ of a container… 2 compact cars…that would be a full container.

For larger projects, we will send a person to provide a bid before we send a truck. Request this if it is appealing.. In this way you can compare prices without two workers standing anxiously in your driveway.

Save more: Materials which are gathered and accessible (in a garage, for instance) will take 1 man-hour to fill the container…or $325 in total.

Your phone call is always welcome.


 We provide residential and commercial junk removal services.

This service is that provided by a number of Austin companies. We remove “junk” from garages and attics and backyards.

We are insured, certified by the City of Austin, employee a certified appliance installer.

Additionally… we enjoy a rate and capacity advantage, so please compare. We also work from roll-off containers. So, we are much better with larger jobs… we can open the back of the container and step in. So, we can wheelbarrow and dolly in materials. We can drop multiple containers, or swap containers to provide an uninterrupted workflow.

So, we handle “junk” pretty well. When it’s not “junk” we will handle it appropriately, even to the extent of sending an enclosed trailer for special items that can be re-used if handled with a little more care.

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Reuse, Reduce, Recycling

 Usually a large degree, about 60% of that which we collect can be recycled or re-used. Books, furniture, toys, working appliances, and clothes can find new homes. Organics, like leaves, brush and tree limbs can be mulched. The metal in mattresses and broken file cabinets and old shelving can be recycled.