Light Demolition

Light Demolition is the removal of small structures such as sheds, additions, carports, for example. These jobs are relatively quick and accomplished with hand tools.

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Light Demolition

Removing small structures projects rarely take more than a day to remove and cleanup the site. These structures are constructed simply and with the proper approach can be disassembled with hand and power tools. If there is a concrete foundation it is usually not heavily reinforced or more than 4-6 inches thick.

The challenge for light demolition projects is often access: These structures are often in a backyard, accessible only through a side gate which limits approaches to removing the debris. This means that debris needs to be carted out wheel barrow by wheel barrow to the dumpster.


Deconstruction is our favored approach. It involves taking the structure apart, rather than knocking it down with a bobcat. There is much less damage to the site and the debris field is limited to the footprint of the structure. It also works well with preservation of features & materials as desired.. for instance: windows, flooring, doors siding & brick.

These features are taken out of the structure, removed and secured for the owner’s future use. Usually this is done as the first step in removing a structure. People interested in this approach have a vision for the feature’s future use. It is not the least expensive approach to removing a structure unless the feature has future.

Deconstruction is sometimes the only option for the removal of a structure. For instance, a structure that is behind a house, or surrounded by other structures or trees, or otherwise not accessible for large equipment. The structure would otherwise be demolished with large equipment, but instead must be taken apart in smaller parts to avoid collateral damage or facilitate removal. A piece is taken down and loaded and removed daily. The exposed portion of the structure is fenced off nightly. The incidental value of this approach is in limiting neighborhood exposure to blowing materials and control of the site.

Take Apart

Many structures (trampolines, hot tubs, spas, swing sets, decks, awnings, gazebos) are most easily disassembled that are built are taken apart piece by piece, generally in reverse order of their construction.


Rarely, but occasionally, the structure and foundation would be most efficiently removed with heavier machinery. This occurs when the structure has significant concrete or masonry work.


Often, these projects tend to be time sensitive. You have trades dependent on having a clean site, or a prospective buyer waiting for a condition to be met, or a Realtor waiting for staging to be completed.  We will meet schedule.


The costs of deconstruction vary greatly. Determination of price is based on the scope of work, particularly preservation, volume of material and accessibility.

We make an appointment to visit the site and promptly issue a bid with proposed schedule.


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Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Because we control the process from taking out the very first nail all the way through disposal, all waste possible is recycled. You may see us load our containers in a segregated fashion so that organics, concrete, tile, and metal can all be deposited in the proper re-use stream.