Austin Cleanup and Container Schedule of Prices for Residential and Commercial Projects and Container rentals.

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Demolition Prices

We provide free estimates, references and pictures of previous projects.

In general, project estimates are predicated on effort (labor), volume (hauling/tipping) and any heavy equipment required. So, project estimates require on-site inspection. We are loathed to give “magnitude of cost” estimates without a site visit… if you contrive to get a “ballpark” number over the phone, we will nonetheless follow up with real numbers in a written estimate.

The cost estimate can grow/shrink significantly if the work site is hard to access. For example, if debris must be manually hauled through a side gate that is a different labor issue than if a bobcat can directly load a truck.

The presence of hazardous materials, such as asbestos can add remediation costs. This only becomes an issue if there is interior demolition. If the entire structure is being removed no remediation is required.

In any event, all this will be demonstrated in the bid and there will be no surprises.

We provide an estimate before a truck & men show up. For larger projects, we will send a person to provide a bid.

Materials which are gathered and accessible (in a garage, for instance) will take 1 man-hour to fill the container…or $355 in total.