Structural Demolition

ACAC provides structural demolition including take-down and debris removal of entire structures: warehouses, houses, detached garages, in-ground pools.

warehouse structural demolition

Written Estimate… Written Agreement… Written Schedule… Insurance Certificate… 

Austin City Hauler Certificate… Gain City Demolition Permits… Gain State (TDS) Demolition Permits… Gain Utility Shut-offs… Provide Asbestos & Lead Abatement

These projects are generally pretty straight forward if there is good access. ACAC will gain the appropriate City and State permits and arrange for utility shutoffs. Take down the structure and haul off all debris. The site will be kept safe and debris contained throughout the project. The schedule will be set before starting and maintained. ACAC will report to the owner in the morning and afternoon regarding progress.

Smaller projects, such as sheds and detached structures can generally be taken down in a day. For larger projects, such as home, allow a week… acquisition of permits will take much longer than removing the house.

The above ground structures will be taken down and foundations jackhammer’ed and removed. Below ground structures, such as pools, can either be removed entirely or jackhammer’ed and the rubble can be used as the base fill, topped with clean fill and finished with sandy loam.

pool structural demolition

The finished project will leave the site debris free, landscape smoothed and raked.


Pricing is extremely project specific. We can promptly give you a bid without charge. Helpful would be any plans/schematics available. Structural that requires utility exposure: electric, gas, water and irrigation requiring shut-offs and capping.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycling

Metal materials associated with the structure as well as shingles can be recycled, but the studs and drywall and insulation can not be recycled presently. However, all the concrete, bricks, tiles and blocks can be recycled. ACAC recycles about 60% of the materials taken in a structural

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Old Church

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